About Me

This blog was created for assignment submissions for the University of Florida’s Online Master of Arts in Mass Communication (with a specialization in Social Media). 

I am thrilled to have been accepted into this program and look forward to getting to know my instructors and peers. Although I don’t intend to utilize this blog for personal use, one of the aspects of social media I am most passionate about is the ability to connect with people far and wide. That being said, I find it only fitting to share a little bit about myself.

I am a Florida girl through and through. Originally from Ormond Beach (Daytona Beach area), I am now an official ACR. (Alachua County Resident, for those of you that are unfamiliar with the Gainesville terminology.) After graduating from the University of Florida with my Bachelor of Science in Recreation, Parks and Tourism (specialization in Recreation and Event Management) I relocated to Jacksonville, Florida to complete a Marketing Internship at the Gator Bowl Association.

It wasn’t long before I was lugging all my stuff back to Gainesville, as many of us Gator grads do (much to everyone’s surprise). Not unlike most 22 year olds, I wasn’t sure what I was truly passionate about but I do know I ended up in an industry I never thought I would…insurance. I know…boring! It’s not the topic I love so much as the people and the way our agency does business. We believe in the power of relationships and I have some of the most amazing co-workers and bosses — so that doesn’t hurt either.

Social media has played a pivotal role in transitioning how we build and maintain relationships. One of the many aspects I love about my job is that I not only maintain and create relationships online, but I also get to do so face-to-face by participating in various organizations and networking within the community. To put it simple and spare you all the details of my professional responsibilities – I love working with people and getting to know them better.

Last but certainly not least… My husband, Logan, and I will celebrate our one year wedding anniversary on May 18, 2014. We met through a mutual friend while in our early years of undergrad and he is a born and raised “Gainesvillian.” We remained friends for a few years before we eventually started dating long distance when he was in Boone, North Carolina finishing his degree in building construction at Appalachian State University. In addition to his kind heart, it was also his Goldendoodle, Bella, that helped win me over (now our “baby”). We purchased our first house together in Gainesville at the start of 2013 and have been making Gainesville home ever since.

Logan, Bella and Kaitlin

Logan, Bella and Kaitlin

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