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Despite my initial unfavorable opinion of virtual worlds, such as Second Life, recent articles and comments from my peers had aided in increasing my enthusiasm about this assignment; however, it didn’t take long for me to return to my negative opinion. With my bias opinion likely still present in the back of my mind, my lack of patience for technological obstacles and disgust for video games since my childhood, I’m not surprised by my lack of interest in Second Life. Although I personally did not enjoy the experience, and most certainly went into it guarded and with hesitations, we are all entitled to our own hobbies and if it makes someone else happy, and doesn’t harm others in the process, I have nothing against it for use by others.

I am a relatively outgoing person, so I found going up to strangers and trying to talk to them fairly entertaining, despite the lack of success I had. I was so shocked by the experience in general I had to call my husband into the room to simply witness how bizarre the whole concept was, in my opinion. Whether I wasn’t approaching these individuals with proper virtual world etiquette or I simply seemed weird or uninteresting, I have had more success holding conversations with strangers in the real world. l also must admit, I have a higher level of confidence outside in the real words versus virtual worlds as well. I felt very uncomfortable and insecure while participating in Second Life, and as weird as it sounds, I thought maybe others could sense it.

Although I am a 25 year old female, I chose a male avatar…the least creepiest looking male avatar, in my opinion. Based on the warning we had from our professor about a former student’s experience and my low level of comfortability with the platform and the users, I strategically made this decision to avoid any odd interactions or advances, even if they are just virtual. As you can tell, I obviously was very guarded in this whole process, which may have hindered my ability to enjoy it more. I found the simple task of finding a name that wasn’t taken to be frustrating. I must say though, my husband and I did have quite a good time laughing at the whole concept and approaching individuals.

I, or should I say Kaleaf (my avatar’s name), walked, flew and teleported to various areas. Although I tried to talk to a few people, only one person attempted to converse with me and they spoke Spanish. I did boogie down on the dance floor with another individual but we never sparked a conversation.

I accepted an invite to another land, where I had hoped I would have more success conversing with other virtual individuals. After feeling rejected, overwhelmed and even a little like an outcast, I took more of a light hearted approach to try to end the whole process; however, Second Life doesn’t allow you to drown yourself in the ocean, so I eventually just resorted to logging off.


2 thoughts on “Second Life Assignment

  1. Hi Kaitlin!
    Your post made me laugh. I ended up on the beach… by the ocean… at a bar… to end my journey through Second Life…perhaps the same ocean you are at the bottom of.
    From the look of the blog posts so far, most people didn’t enjoy the experience…it seems like the majority of our class finds REAL life more interesting.

    I tend to get hooked on things… and I like things to be perfect. If I let myself I could see setting up a beautifully decorated beach house, while I filled my closets with clothes I never really could wear. I would be that person, if I let myself. So…I won’t. I will simply escape with Calgon, in my bubble tub…same effect… without the social interaction.

    I think it’s great you choose a male avatar…good thinking on your part. Propositions happen frequently, or at least they did with my avatar. (leggy, blond, and a wee, bit slutty looking)
    I wonder though, it people weren’t as nice to you because you were male…perhaps a survey should be done.

  2. Hi Kaitlin!
    I was laughing too when I read your post! I guess when you think about it Second Life can seem a bit comical. I was 100% uncomfortable going up and talking to people while I was on my adventures. I had no idea what to do or say or how to greet them. That’s probably why I didn’t make any friends there haha. I had no idea what to see or do so I took advantage of the editor’s picks and they were pretty fun to explore. The thing I enjoyed most about Second Life was the landscapes and worlds created there. The people were a little strange but some of the worlds were really cool!
    Will I go back into Second Life? Chances are probably not. These classes are keeping me too busy!
    Great to hear about your experience.

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