Discount Double Check (App Assignment)

For the “Discount Double Check” assignment I chose to download the Publix application (app). The app is designed to save users time, money and make shopping a pleasure. The app includes the following features (as shown below): my grocery list, weekly ads, digital coupons, recipes, online ordering, prescription refills, featured products and more!

Publix AppAlthough I didn’t receive a discount for downloading the app, weekly ads and digital coupons are available through the app. One of my favorite features is the weekly ad section the divides all items by category, and includes a list of items that are currently buy 1 get 1 free (BOGO).

Weekly AdThe app does include global positioning, in that it will tell you what Publix location you are closest to, or you may choose to select a preferred location. There does not appear to be a review section on the application. I would imagine this would be difficult given the amount of locations, and the difference in services and products at various locations. I suppose a review section could be generated for each location, as there are location based reviews accessible online when individuals perform Google searches on various locations.

Google Search for Publix location

This image shows a Google search for a Publix which has 4 reviews for this particular location.

The app offers many additional resources; however, many of the features are ones I use through other applications. For example, I use the app AnyList for a shared grocery list option, and since I do not just shop at Publix, I do not envision myself switching to the Publix option. However, the Publix app does have a recipe section which allows you to chose a meal and add ingredients for the entire recipe all at once. If I was looking for a meal option, and knew I would only be shopping at Publix for ingredients, I would be more inclined to use these two features together. On a side note, many of the recipes appear to be fairly decent and offer a wide variety of options. That being said, I may start using this app to browse recipes for the week, in addition to checking out the BOGO specials.


Recipe with add ingredients to list feature








The app also offers the option to place online orders at the deli; however, when you select this feature it takes you to a separate web browser, rather than placing the order directly through the app. Although the only items I have ever pre-ordered from Publix were cakes, catering orders, subs and wheat pizza dough (yep, they have it…you just have to ask), I have always called these orders in. Knowing that I can now place these orders online, and have pre-cut meats and cheeses at the deli waiting, I may be more inclined to start using this feature.

Publix Deli Pre-Order

Although I do not fill my prescriptions at Publix, and the store I frequent most doesn’t have a pharmacy, the refill options on their app appear to be convenient, in that you can scan a barcode to order refills.

Publix RX

All in all, I think the Publix app provides a plethora of resources and has the potential to be very useful for avid Publix shoppers, whether they use one or all the features.

4 thoughts on “Discount Double Check (App Assignment)

  1. Hi Kaitlin!
    To say that I am jealous over your app pick and that you get to shop at Publix is as understated as it is pathetic. People do not know what they have!!! If you lived where I lived and had no real grocery store offerings or if you are a foodie, you may understand. I am even more impressed with Publix now! What a GREAT app! They really do a good job at fulfilling their customers needs. Seriously, if you have time…download Winn Dixie’s app, it will be like having a hot dog for dinner after having a steak for lunch. So sad! I really enjoyed your post and really really envy your grocery buying / grocery app superiority.

  2. There really is an app for everything, huh? I would’ve never thought about downloading an app for Publix or grocery shopping, previously. My grocery store shopping habits usually consist of a feeling of hungry driven by the fact that I have no food in my cabinets. Once I arrive at Publix, I never have a list, always just taking the store isle by isle, which usually ends in purchasing entirely more than I had ever intended. I think this app would be very useful for someone like myself. I only seldom cook for myself and when I do it is usually one meal at a time. The recipe feature of this app seems very enticing to me because I am a very inexperienced cook who needs plenty of direction when it comes to preparing food. The ordering feature appealed to me as well, as I often purchase subs and deli meat and cheeses from Publix, but the lines can sometimes be so long. This feature eliminates the need to wait in long lines for your orders at the deli counter and can help in saving time and frustration. Let’s be honest, when you’re getting “hangry” (angry due to increased hunger) no one wants to wait in line behind the lady ordering 4 different subs at one time.

  3. Hey Kaitlin!
    The more I read everyone’s blog posts the more I realize how serious companies are taking the mobile app. Who would have thought ten years ago that your phone could play such a key role in grocery shopping (or really any daily task for that matter!)
    How cool that you can place orders online for the deli and such! That would make my grocery shopping experience so much easier. I wonder how long it will be before you can order your entire list online and just merely pick it up in store. They seems to have covered all the major shopping needs: coupons, pharmacy, BOGO items, and even recipes. Its almost like having a Publix right in the palm of your hand.

  4. Hey Kaitlin! Excellent analysis you’ve made. There were interesting things that caught my attention from your review. When building an app I think is important to focus on those features it can be great at and also are related to my business’ objectives. For Publix’s case any other listing app can be better that the one offered by them—I don’t mean it can be good, but instead they can invest their resources on developing other important features that bolster user’s experience, and so convert more purchases. Things like the recipes or the product browsing. From your review I can see they are great, but I’m sure they still have room to make it amazing.

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