The Truth About Healthy Living

Please note: This blog post has been created as an assignment for MMC5006

Do what you love. Love what you do.I think it goes without saying that people that are passionate about what they do often are more successful, especially in regards to communications professionals. Take Yoga Girl for example, she clearly loves yoga and has gained notoriety for herself through the use of content communities, such as Instagram where she has over 850,000 followers! That’s more than Shape, Fitness, and Women’s Health magazine combined!

So what gives? Why can’t reputable magazines about health and fitness compete with the Yoga Girls of the word? My guess…magazines aren’t people. People want the TRUTH about healthy living. How to really balance it between work, play and family. Women want to follow someone they can relate to and who shares true transparency. While the “How to lose the last 5 pounds” articles and the fitness routines are still popular, there’s room for improvement in the marketing strategies of these publications.

That’s where I come in. I’m not a magazine editor. I’m not obsessive over one particular type of fitness and I don’t eliminate anything indefinitely from my diet.

I’m passionate about healthy living, I like trying new things, and while nutritious food and fitness do excite me, I am also human.

My days are 24 hours long (just like yours) and I juggle a full-time job, a marriage, a home, and now a master’s degree. While I think the concept of doing what you love is important, I also believe we only have one life and one body, and we should make every effort to live our lives in a way that we are proud of and feel good about.

So who am I, and why should I be a representative of your company?

I believe in healthy living, and that it’s not just limited to “eating clean” and pushing your body to the absolute limit.  I also strongly believe in being realistic, making small improvements and taking care of yourself form the inside out.

I believe in eating better to feel better…not to lose weight, or because some article told you it’s right or wrong. Learn to listen to your body. It all comes full circle. If you feel great it shows, and you’re often able to put your best foot forward.

I believe strong is beautiful. While I can’t claim to look like any of the girls in this video, I can tell you I’m proud of the fitness level I have achieved and have every intention to maintain or improve upon it. I enjoy setting goals and while I believe in pushing myself, I also believe in giving my body the appropriate amount of rest when necessary.

Now you know me…but why hire me?

Here is a a sample of some of my interests that I have created in the form of a Pinterest board. However, if you REALLY want to get to know me (which is what this is all about), this is a link to some healthy food and fitness interests, articles, and ideas on my personal Pinterest account. Not only will this give you a sneak peak about me, but this is also intended to showcase my use of a content community (i.e. Pinterest).

In addition to the above characteristics I have shared I also love connecting with people and am intrigued by how social media has changed the way we connect and who we connect with. I am currently completing a Master’s program at the University of Florida with a specialization in social media. I have interned with the University of Florida strength and conditioning department for women’s athletics. Upon graduating with my Bachelor’s degree in a recreation related field, I pursued a marketing internship at the Gator Bowl Association in Jacksonville, Florida. For the last three years I have served as Marketing Coordinator for a local independent insurance agency and while I love the people I work for and building relationships through networking and social media, my passion is not necessarily insurance (however, it’s surprisingly grown on me in the last three years).

I truly believe if your passionate about what you do, it will show in your work. For a social media and communications position, individuals are challenged to find and create content on a regular basis. If you’re not passionate about what you’re researching, or what you’re writing about, it starts to become stale. I love living healthy and I love connecting with people. I’m also a very honest and open person, which I think would play into this role well.

I will keep this example brief to not take too much more of your time, but about two months after my wedding my father was told he would need quadruple bypass surgery. Being that he is my only living parent, I was scared (to say the least), but I was also angry. Angry he didn’t take better care of himself, but also enlightened about the importance of healthy living. I believe life throws us these scary situations to teach us and inspire us to make changes to live a more proactive lifestyle. While I’ve yet to be 100% successful in influencing my father to live a healthier lifestyle, I hope I can influence other individuals as your communications professional.

If hired, I look forward to sharing my life changing moments, instances of enlightenment, articles of interest and the general TRUTH about healthy living, and how an average Jane life myself balances it all.